About Director

My journey started in my native village where I grew up and after my studies I was working in a prominent Travel company as a tour operator until 2020 when I have to return to my native village due to the pandemic, after a long time I was free…. free enough to explore and observe many things in my village, though my village is big with over 2000 people living in it but 70% of the population is always out of the town, working in metro cities, so only few hundred people live and thrive in this village, but after pandemic all the people returned to the village and it created a great fuss as there was not enough food to sustain so many people.

Then I saw the farmers of my village very compassionately shared their crops with all the people who returned from the metro cities and were jobless now, so this spectacle moved me, I thought why shouldn’t I do something which support these farmers who were so helpful in such difficult times, so I came up with Raoli Farms where I work in alliance with these farmers, delivering their organically grown products to rest of the country, I travelled extensively around my native village and met honey shepherd communities who were deriving honey in a very traditional way, I thought why not make this honey available to rest of the country as during the pandemic people were greatly concerned about their immunity and what can be more better than honey when it comes to increasing ones immunity and overall vitality of the body.

So this is my story which started in an extreme situation but now have become my passion and a way to support the farmers of my village and other indigenous people who live around my native town.